Recruitment position : Supply Chain Marketing Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Select suppliers, organize relevant departments to uate import suppliers, follow up the business process;

2. Strengthen the relationship building with suppliers strive for maximum support in terms of price, capacity service;

3. Regularly uate the performance of suppliers manage implement improvement;

4. Analyze the industrial situation of the supply chain sector (Fab);

5. Formulate cooperation strategies with different factories in the same sub category of the supply chain;

6. Plan the layout of products production capacity among different factories coordinate their implementation;

7. Manage improve product costs operating costs.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics other related fields;

More than 2.5 years working experience in semiconductor fab or package test engineering, with relevant chip design company experience preferred;

3. Skill requirements: have experience in supplier management be proficient in using office software;

4. Quality requirements: good at independent thinking analysis, able to withst pressure, good communication expression ability, good coordination ability ability to solve problems, strong sense of enterprise responsibility, able to actively respond to solve various emergencies in the production process, good subjective initiative.

Work location: Shenzhen/Shanghai