Recruitment position : Supplier Resident Management Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Monitor the production quality of the outsourcing factory, promote the improvement perfection of its quality management system management process;

2. Formulate implement the audit plan of outsourcing manufacturers, identify systematic problems, promote improvement;

3. Solve the daily production after-sales quality problems at the supplier side, implement the process horizontal development of countermeasures;

4. Organize the factory side quality regular meeting, sort out summarize the quality information, complete the quality report;

5. Patrol the manufacturing process of CP plant sealing testing plant, especially the key processes such as scribing, patch mounting, welding line, encapsulation, testing, etc., to ensure that the manufacturing process operation quality inspection meet the requirements;

6. Cooperate with R&D engineering to solve problems arising from packaging test, such as crack yield exceptions;

7. Evaluate PCN change data information.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree in electronics, semiconductor related majors, with at least 3 years of working experience;

2. Be familiar with IC development process, production process testing process;

3. Be familiar with the common failure phenomena, verification test data analysis of chips;

4. Good written English good communication skills above CET4.

Location: Suqian