Recruitment position : Bumping Engineer

operating duty:

1. Participate in the design uation of the new project bumping scheme;

2. Be responsible for the ion of bumping BOM the ion of OEM;

3. Be responsible for the ordering of bumping mask, delivery time follow-up system project return;

4. Be responsible for the review of the bumping process report participate in the hling of bumping quality accidents;

5. Participate in the formulation of long-term improvement measures for bumping, follow up supervise the implementation of quality accidents long-term improvement measures;

6. Responsible for maintaining managing the list of the corresponding relationship between the bumping mask the bumping ID, responsible for applying for the external process documents of the new bump ID

Job requirements:

1. 2023 undergraduate graduates;

2. Major in microelectronics, integrated circuit, electronic power, etc;

fringe benefits:

1. Weekend weekends, flexible work, no clocking in out, comfortable work, refused to roll in;

2. Five insurances one fund, annual physical examination, statutory annual leave, supplementary annual leave for enterprises, birthday leave, journey leave, parental leave, travel fund, travel leave, etc

contact information: