Recruitment position : Product Engineer (PE)


1. Prepare the test specification template writing specification, prepare the test specification according to the first version of the test plan of the design engineer, complete the test specification according to the actual test after the product development, record the product test process;

2. According to the test specifications the test results of the automatic testing machine, test the electrical parameters of the chip verify the test program of the automatic testing machine;

3. According to industry stards/company reliability plan, etc., set up reliability test conditions prepare test plates test samples; Collect reliability data prepare documents;

4. Collect all test data of the product complete the filling of key parameters in the product specification;

5. According to the company's product sample delivery requirements, support the product sample delivery at the engineering stage;

Job requirements:

1. 2023 undergraduate graduates;

2. Major in microelectronics, integrated circuit, electronic power, etc;

Work location: Shenzhen, Chengdu


1. Weekend weekends, flexible work, no clocking in out, comfortable work, refused to roll in;

2. Five insurances one fund, annual physical examination, statutory annual leave, supplementary annual leave for enterprises, birthday leave, journey leave, parental leave, travel fund, travel leave, etc

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