Recruitment position : Senior Analog Chip Design Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist in new product definition, product specification writing chip system architecture design;

2. Be able to independently take ge of the project lead the team members to carry out chip planning, design simulation, layout guidance, etc. until streaming;

3. Carry out necessary technical communication with FAB seal testing factory;

4. Laboratory uation, verification debugging of chips;

5. Write the mass production test plan assist the test engineer in the hardware program development of mass production test;
6. Assist in supporting the application of products in the client

Job requirements:

1. At least 5 years of analog integrated circuit design experience; Master degree or above in microelectronics, electronics or electrical related majors;
2. Quality requirements: good learning ability self drive, good at solving problems, dare to accept challenges bear pressure Excellent team work spirit communication skills;
3. Language ability: English;
4. Skill requirements: solid foundation of analog circuit design; Experience in designing successfully streaming power chips such as Buck, Boost or related products; Familiar with CMOS, BiCMOS or BCD process flow; Proficient in the use of Cadence or other EDA software; Familiar with the design, production, packaging testing process of integrated circuit products.

Location: Beijing/Shenzhen/Chengdu/Hangzhou