• Wide Supply Voltage Range: 4.5V - 24V
• 4A Peak Source Current 4A Peak Sink Current
• Dual Input Configuration: Non-Inverting (IN+) or Inverting (IN-) Input
• Negative Input Voltage Capability: Down to -5V
• Propagation Delay: 12ns
• Typical Rising Falling Times: 9ns rising time, 6ns falling time
• Low Quiescent Current: 38uA
• Output Low When Input Floating
• Thermal Shutdown Protection: 170°C
• Available in SOT23-5 Package

The SCT51240 is a wide supply, single channel, high speed, low side gate drivers for both power MOSFET, IGBT, wide b-gap device such as GaN power device.
The device can source sink 4A peak current along with rail-to-rail output drive capability. The 24V power supply rail enhances the driver output ringing endurance during the power device transition.
The minimum 12ns input to output propagation delay enables it suitable for high frequency power converter application.
The SCT51240 features wide input hysteresis that is compatible for TTL/CMOS low voltage logic. The SCT51240 has the capability to hle negative input down to -5V, which increases the input noise immunity.
The SCT51240 has 38uA low quiescent current that reduces the st by loss in the power converter. 
The SCT51240 features 170°C thermal shut down. The SCT51240 is available in TSOT23-5 package.


• MOSFET Driver
• IGBT Gate Driver
• Gate Driver for GaN Device
• Switching Power Supply
• Motor Control, Solar Power