Recruitment position : Product Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Track the whole process from product definition to RTP;

2. Monitor each node cycle of new products to ensure timely introduction of new products in major generation plants;

3. Cooperate with the R&D team to solve problems arising from package testing in the engineering stage, such as Crack, Peeling, etc;

4. Responsible for document communication with Bumping/sealing test, such as BD;

5. Be responsible for the order, ERP bottom information, ERP system entry, goods return entry at the project stage, make a close loop;

6. Operation only serves as a window for new products. It provides the developed processing order to the OEM, reverses the engineering reconciliation back to the OEM to the EQD on a monthly basis;

7. Solve specific engineering related work in the R&D process, such as correlation, B/I Setup;

8. Analyze data, analyze exceptions, provide data of EC module in the specification.

Job requirements:

1. 2 years working experience in semiconductor company;

2. Experience in chip mass production, rich semiconductor knowledge, including chip testing/packaging/reliability, bench operation experience;

3. Good communication skills, creative, able to work independently.

Location: Chengdu