Recruitment position : Product Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Write test specification templates and writing specifications, based on the design engineer's initial test plan, write test specifications, and improve test specifications based on actual testing after product development is completed, recording the product testing process;

2. According to the testing specifications and results of the automatic testing machine, test the electrical parameters of the chip and verify the testing program of the automatic testing machine;

3. According to industry standards/company reliability plans, etc., set up reliability experimental conditions to prepare experimental boards and prepare experimental samples; Collect reliability data and prepare documents;

4. Collect product testing data and complete the filling of key parameters in the product specification;

5. Support product sample delivery during the engineering phase in accordance with the company's product sample delivery requirements。

Job requirements:

1. Majors in microelectronics, integrated circuits, electronic power, and related fields;

2. At least 4 years of experience in PE positions;

3. Familiarity with various chip architectures, such as DCDC, will be helpful for applying for this position; Chargepump, ACDC, LDO, Power Switch, LED Driver, etc

Location: Chengdu