Recruitment position : RE

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for uating and confirming bump plans

2. Support product packaging uation based on the company's research and operation needs;

3. Responsible for packaging uation and import of new products, application and confirmation of packaging drawings, framework design and ordering, and drawing of external pin diagrams

4. Design and ion of packaging materials, project progress tracking and technical support, and ensure the timely progress of the project at the packaging end;

5. Design reasonable reliability assessment items and indicators for products based on product acteristics, processes, industry standards, or failure categories encountered. Utilize self owned and external reliability laboratories to conduct corresponding reliability assessments around reliability plan items, providing quality assurance for product mass production or shipment.

Job requirements:

1. 2024 undergraduate graduates;

2. Majors in microelectronics, integrated circuits, electronic power, and related fields;

3. Familiarity with various chip architectures such as DCDC, Chargepump, ACDC, LDO, Power Switch, LED Driver, etc. will be helpful for applying for this position

Location: Chengdu