Recruitment position : Technical Support Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Technical support: review the customer's schematic diagram PCB to ensure that they are correct; Responsible for the analysis resolution of technical problems at the client end; Write application documents according to actual cases precautions for chip use;

2. Project follow-up: explore new projects dems of customers, follow up project progress; Underst the competitive products development trends, timely feed back, negotiate the competitive strategy with the sales engineer;

3. Market promotion: regular training for agents to exp the market; Carry out workshop on AA customer side, carry out customer training, promote Xinzhou technology products at the same time;

4. New product proposal: market dem research propose competitive innovative product proposals.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in power electronics, applied electronics, automatic control, microelectronics, instrumentation other related majors;

2. No limited experience, excellent fresh students can be considered;

3. Skill requirements: familiar with PCB design tools skilled in using laboratory test instruments; Familiar with various power topology design device ion; Be familiar with various topology structures control modes of DCDC power supply, have the ability to solve practical problems;

4. Quality requirements: analytical ability, ability to withst pressure, good communication expression ability, good subjective initiative.

Working place: Shenzhen