Recruitment position : FAE

Job responsibilities:

1. Review customer schematic and PCB to ensure accuracy;

2. Responsible for analyzing and resolving client technical issues;

3. Write application documents and precautions for chip usage based on actual cases;

4. Explore new projects and demands from customers, and follow up on project progress;

5. Understand the situation and development trends of competitors, provide timely feedback, and negotiate competitive strategies with sales engineers;

7. Regularly train agents to explore the market;

8. Conduct workshops on AA customer side, conduct customer training, and promote Xinzhou Technology products;

9. Identify customer pain points, track demand, confirm internal R&D direction within the company, connect internal R&D capabilities with customer needs, and propose competitive innovative product suggestions;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in microelectronics;

2. At least two years of work experience as a FAE on-site application engineer;

3. Familiarity with various chip architectures, such as DCDC, will be helpful for applying for this position; Chargepump, ACDC, LDO, Power Switch, LED Driver, etc

Working place: Shenzhen/Hangzhou