Recruitment position : Product Quality Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Advanced product quality planning, early risk identification assessment;

2. Track the quality of the whole process from product definition to RTP, as well as the implementation prevention of Lesson Learning;

3. Define the quality control points of each key node of the new product the ling of special features in the foundry;

4. Develop a new product validation plan a risk assessment plan for client problems;

5. Be responsible for the output of ECN PCN files;

6. Establish product quality knowledge base (including checklist, failure experience database, etc.) to continuously optimize product quality;

7. Analyze product validation test data, make analysis solutions for exceptions;

8. Cooperate with R&D engineering to solve problems arising from packaging test; Cooperate with the operation to solve the engineering quality problems in the production process; Cooperate with customer quality engineers to solve major customer quality problems.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics semiconductor related majors;

2.5 years or above of chip process experience, experience in R&D testing or chip failure analysis is preferred;

3. CET-4 or above, good written English ability;

4. Skill requirements: familiar with IC development process, production process testing process; Be familiar with data analysis failure analysis plan formulation of ATE back test results after chip board level reliability experiments; Familiar with chip verification test data analysis;

5. Quality requirements: work seriously, be responsible, have good coordination communication ability, team spirit, technical research spirit.

Work location: Shenzhen/Chengdu