Recruitment position : Analog IC Design Engineer


1. Assist in new product definition, product specification writing chip system architecture design;

2. Be responsible for the circuit design simulation of the top layer of the chip the module to ensure that the chip is streamed on time;

3. Be responsible for the work related to circuit revision the writing of circuit design documents;

4. Apply for patent of intellectual property generated in the circuit design stage write technical disclosure.

Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above, major in microelectronics integrated circuit;

2. Solid basic knowledge of analog circuits, familiar with various basic analog modules, such as amplifiers, comparators, oscillators, LDOs reference circuits;

3. Master the basic knowledge of semiconductor physics be familiar with BCD manufacturing process;

4. Proficient in using EDA design layout tools;

5. Good ability to analyze solve problems, good communication cooperation skills team spirit;

6. Familiarity with the following chip architectures will help you apply for this position, such as DCDC; Chargepump, ACDC, LDO, Power Switch, LED Driver etc.

Work location: Shenzhen/Beijing


1. [Signature fee]

2. Weekend weekends, flexible work, no clocking in out, comfortable work, refused to roll in;

3. Five insurances one fund, annual physical examination, statutory annual leave, corporate welfare annual leave, birthday leave, travel leave, parental leave, travel fund, travel leave, etc

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