Recruitment position : DE

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist in defining new products, writing product specifications, and designing chip system architecture;

2. Responsible for the circuit design and simulation of the top layer and modules of the chip, ensuring timely chip flow;

3. Responsible for circuit revision work and writing circuit design documents;

4. Apply for patents on intellectual property generated during the circuit design phase and write technical disclosure documents.

Job requirements:

1. Master's degree or above in microelectronics or integrated circuit related fields;

2. More than 2 years of work experience in the same position, solid knowledge of analog circuits, familiar with various basic analog modules, such as amplifiers, comparators, oscillators, LDOs, and reference circuits;

3. Master the basic knowledge of semiconductor physics and be familiar with BCD manufacturing process;

4. Proficient in using EDA design and layout tools;

5. Good analytical and problem-solving skills, good communication and collaboration skills, and a sense of teamwork;

6. Familiarity with various chip architectures, such as DCDC, will be helpful for applying for this position; Chargepump, ACDC, LDO, Power Switch, LED Driver, etc

Location: Shenzhen