Recruitment position : Packaging Engineer


1. Apply for manage BD drawings;

2. Be responsible for packaging uation of new products, BOM ion, packaging plant ion;

3. Be responsible for frame design order, follow up frame delivery date, output manage 3D POD drawings;

4. Responsible for updating archiving the system project task returns project documents involved in the above work;

5. Review manage Assembly Qual Report Package Qual Report, participate in hling packaging quality accidents;

6. Participate in the formulation of long-term improvement measures for packaging, follow up supervise the implementation of quality accidents long-term improvement measures;

Job requirements:

1. 2023 undergraduate graduates;

2. Major in microelectronics, integrated circuit, electronic power, etc;

Work location: Chengdu


1. Weekend weekends, flexible work, no clocking in out, comfortable work, refused to roll in;

2. Five insurances one fund, annual physical examination, statutory annual leave, supplementary annual leave for enterprises, birthday leave, journey leave, parental leave, travel fund, travel leave, etc

contact information: