Recruitment position : RSM

Job responsibilities:

1. Carry out sales work according to company and department sales tasks, and achieve various sales targets.

2. Analyze existing customers, identify their potential needs, guide relevant customers' existing needs, and achieve sales goals.

3. Develop an agent development plan, regularly review agent market development customer reports, and drive agents to complete the set goals and tasks

4. Coordinate and maintain the relationship between agents, the company, and customers, and promote the company's management rules for agents

5. Based on the acteristics of customer needs, provide the best product solutions for customers.

6. Responsible for business negotiations with customers, establishing customer relationships, improving contract amounts and profit margins.

7. Responsible for monitoring and executing the project payment process, and improving the payment rate.

Job requirements:

1. At least 5 years of experience in electronic component sales, with a bachelor's degree or above in related majors such as microelectronics, integrated circuits, electronic information, communication, etc

2. Familiar with automotive/industrial/communication markets, familiar with power management chip products

3. Having experience in team management

4. Familiar with the Shanghai and Zhejiang markets, with market development capabilities

Location: Shanghai/Suzhou/Nanjing