Recruitment position : Layout

Job responsibilities:

1. Complete the top-level and module layout and wiring of the chip, ensuring timely chip flow;

2. Discuss the rationality of layout with circuit design engineers, including high current routing in layout design, devices with matching requirements, key designs such as ESD and latchup, and optimize them;

3. Discuss PAD layout and wiring feasibility with packaging engineers to ensure compliance with packaging design requirements;

4. Minimize layout size while meeting design requirements;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent in microelectronics, integrated circuits, and related fields;

2. Master the basic knowledge of analog and digital integrated circuits;

3. Familiar with integrated circuit manufacturing process;

4. Familiar with Cadence Virtuoso software, and having received training in layout design is preferred;

5. Good analytical and problem-solving skills, good communication and collaboration skills, and a sense of teamwork;

Location: Chengdu