Release time:2024-03-13
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Recently, the 2024 Dongfeng Liuqi Partner Conference was successfully held in Liuzhou, Guangxi. SCT as an important partner of Liuqi in its comprehensive new energy strategy, assists in the management of new energy vehicle power supply and is invited to participate in a chip themed exchange conference.




In 2024, Dongfeng Fengxing will release a new new energy brand and multiple strategic models such as Fengxing Xinghai V9, Xinghai S7, and Chenglong HK. SCT has been awarded the Best Industry Chain Contribution Award for chip localization in 2023 on the road of serving Dongfeng Liuqi's product upgrading.


SCT continues to deeply cultivate power conversion and control in medium and high voltage power supply management, strategically layout automotive electronics and industrial applications, and has rich experience in medium and high voltage products and industrial practice. In the cooperation with Dongfeng Liuqi, we focus on customer needs, provide comprehensive technical support and product services, enhance customer competitiveness and industrial value, and have now been applied in the intelligent cockpit domain and body control domain of multiple vehicle models.


As a service provider of domestically produced power management chips, high quality and reliability are essential requirements that automotive electronics must meet. SCT collaborates with top supply chains and adopts the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) method for process design, specifically conducting effective and preventive reviews and management for special acteristics, risk analysis, abnormal control, change management, etc. At present, the company has obtained ISO26262 functional safety certification, IATF16949, and ISO9001 quality system certification. Strictly comply with the verification requirements of AECQ-100 and hire an independent third party to issue a vehicle specification verification report; Strengthen testing requirements and independently develop product testing programs to ensure that the product meets consistency requirements.


SCT  has accumulated a culture of "innovation and quality first around customer needs" in its long-term development. Listen to customer voices, meet customer needs, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

In the future, SCT will continue to increase investment in automotive electronics, enrich product categories, and continuously upgrade and iterate. I hope SCT can become a long-term partner and the best choice for OEMs and Tier1.