Wide Input Range: 4.5V-60V
Up to 0.6A Continuous Output Current
0.765V ±2.5% Feedback Reference Voltage
Integrated 500mΩ High-Side MOSFET
Low Quiescent Current: 80uA
Pulse Skipping Mode (PSM) in light load
80ns Minimum On-time
6ms Internal Soft-start Time 
Switching Frequency700KHz
Precision Enable Threshold for Programmable Input Voltage Under-Voltage Lock Out Protection (UVLO) Threshold Hysteresis
Low Dropout Mode Operation
Over-voltage Over-Temperature Protection
Available in an TSOT23-6L Package

The SCT2601 is 0.6A buck converter with wide input voltage, ranging from 4.5V to 60V, which integrates an 500mΩ high-side MOSFET. The SCT2601, adopting the peak current mode control, supports the Pulse Skipping Modulation (PSM) with 80uA low quiescent current which assists the converter on achieving high efficiency at light load or stby condition. The SCT2601 features fixed 700KHz switching frequency, which minimizes the external off chip passive components size reduces the output ripple. The SCT2601 allows power conversion from high input voltage to low output voltage with a minimum 80ns on-time of high-side MOSFET also supports low dropout operation with a low voltage difference from input to output.The device offers fixed 6ms soft start to prevent inrush current during the startup of output voltage ramping, compensation circuits are implemented internally which allows the device to be used with minimized external components.The SCT2601 provides cycle-by-cycle current limit,thermal shutdown protection, output over-voltage protection input voltage under-voltage protection.The device is available in an TSOT23-6L package.


12-V, 24-V, 48-V Industry Telecom Power System
Industrial Automation Motor Control
Vehicle Accessories
•Portable Hheld Instruments
•Portable Media Players