• Wide Input Range: 4.5V-100V  
• 1.2A Continuous Output Current
• Support 2A peak current
• 1.2V ±1% Feedback Reference Voltage
• Integrated 600mΩ High-Side 300mΩ Low-Side Power MOSFETs
• 15uA Quiescent Current with VCC diode
  150uA Quiescent Current without VCC diode
• Selectable PFM, USM FPWM Operation Modes
• 3.6ms Internal Soft-start Time 
• Fixed Switching Frequency at 300KHz
• COT Control Mode
• FPWM mode support Iso-buck Topology
• Precision Enable Threshold for Programmable Input Voltage Under-voltage Lock Out Protection (UVLO) Threshold Hysteresis
• Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
• Over-Voltage Protection
• Over-Temperature Protection
• Available in an ESOP-8 Package

The SCT2A23A is 1.2A Step-down DCDC converter with wide input voltage, ranging from 4.5V to 100V,which integrates an 600mΩ high-side MOSFET a 300mΩ low-side MOSFET. The SCT2A23A, adopting the constant-on time (COT) mode control, supports the PFM mode with typical 150uA low quiescent current which assists the converter on achieving high efficiency at light load or stby condition.The SCT2A23A features able operation mode at light load, which provides the flexibility to Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) to achieve high efficiency at the light-load, Ultrasonic Mode (USM) to keep the switching frequency above audible frequency areas during light-load conditions, forced Pulse Width Modulation (FPWM) to achieve smaller output ripple support isolation buck topology.The SCT2A23A offers cycle-by-cycle current limit protection, thermal shutdown protection, output overvoltage protection over temperature protection.The device is available in an 8-pin thermally enhanced ESOP-8 package.


• E-Bike, E-scooter
• GPS tracker