• Wide 4V-28V Input Voltage Range
• 0.6V-6V Output Voltage Range
• 6A Continuous Output Current
• Integrated 36mΩ/18mΩ Rdson of HS/LS Power MOSFETs•A 3.3V, 150mA LDO Integrated
• Fixed 1ms Soft-start Time
• Fixed 400KHz Switching Frequencies
• Selectable PWM, PFM USM Operation Modes
• Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
• Output Over-Voltage Protection
• Over-Temperature Protection
• Available in a QFN 12-leads 3mmx3mm Package

The SCT2361 is a high efficiency synonous stepdown DC-DC converter integrated with a 3.3V, 150mA LDO. With the wide 4V-28V input voltage range adjustable output voltage down to 0.6V, the SCT2361 supplies continuous 6A output current. The device fully integrates high-side low-side power MOSFETs with 36mΩ/18mΩ on-resistance to minimize the conduction loss. The Supply of integrated 3.3V output LDO has path management between Vin DC-DC converter output to achieve the lower power loss better thermal performance.The SCT2361 adopts a Constant On-Time (COT) control to provide fast transient response easy loop stabilization. The device offers 1ms built-in soft start to prevent inrush current during the startup of output voltage ramping.The SCT2361 has the MODE pin to Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) operation mode to achieve the light load power save, or Ultrasonic Mode (USM) to keep the switching frequency above audible frequency areas during light-load or no-load conditions. Full protection includes over current protection, undervoltage protection, thermal shutdown.The converter requires a minimum number of external components is available in a QFN-12 (3mmx3mm)package.


• Auto
• DTV, Monitor/LCD Display
• Printer, Charging Station
• Industry PC