• Wide Input Range: 4.5V-18V 
• Up to 5A Continuous Output Current
• 0.6V ±1% Feedback Reference Voltage
• Integrated 42mΩ High-Side 17mΩ Low-Side Power MOSFETs
• Pulse Frequency Mode PFM at Light load
• 140uA Quiescent Current in Sleep Mode
• 70ns Minimum On-time
• Internal Soft-start Time: 1ms
• Selectable Frequency 400KHz, 800KHz, 1.2MHz 
• Over-voltage Protection 
• Over Temperature Protection 150oC
• Available in a QFN-12 2mm x 3mm Package

The SCT2250 is a high efficiency synonous step-down DC-DC converter with 4.5V-18V input voltage range adjustable output voltage down to 0.6V. It offers a small saving 2mmx3mm QFN package that supplies continuous 5A output current. The device adopts a Constant On-Time (COT) control to provide fast transient response easy loop stabilization. The switching clock frequency can be ed from 400KHz, 800KHz 1.2MHz for optimization of the filter size output voltage ripple. The device offers programmable soft start to prevent inrush current during the startup of output voltage ramping. Power Good with open drain output signals that the output voltage is within regulation. The SCT2250 has the MODE pin to Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) operation mode to achieve the light load power save, or Ultrasonic Mode (USM) to keep the switching frequency above audible frequency areas during light-load or no-load conditions.  The SCT2250 features Full protection includes over current protection, under-voltage protection, thermal shutdown.


• High End DTV
• Set-top Box, XDSL Modem, Personal Video Recorders
• Server, Cloud-Computing, Storage
• Telecom & Networking, Small-cell Base Stations, Point-of-Load (POL) 
• IPCs, Factory Automation, PLC, Test Measurement