• Wide Input Range: 4.2V-17V 
• Up to 2A Continuous Output Current
• 0.8V ±2.5% Feedback Reference Voltage
• Integrated 90mΩ High-Side 60mΩ Low-Side Power MOSFETs
• Pulse Frequency Mode PFM at Light load
• 150uA Quiescent Current in Sleep Mode
• 80ns Minimum On-time
• Internal Soft-start Time: 2ms
• Switching Frequency 800KHz
• Over-voltage Protection 
• Over Temperature Protection 150oC
• Available in SOT563-6L, SOT23-6LPackage

The SCT2220 is a fully integrated high efficiencysynonous step-down DCDC converter capable ofdelivering 2A current. The devices operate over awide input voltage range from 4.2V to 17V fullyintegrate high-side power MOSFETssynonous MOSFETs with very low Rdson tominimize the conduction loss.
With 750 kHz switching frequency, low outputvoltage ripple, small external inductor capacitorsize are achieved. SCT2220 adopts adaptiveconstant ON-time control architecture to achieve fastload transient responses for step-down applications.
The devices operate in power saving mode, whichmaintains high efficiency during light load operation.It includes full protection features, such as overcurrent protection, output under-voltage protection,input under-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown.The SCT2220 requires a minimal number of externalcomponents are available in a space-savingSOT563 TSOT23 package.


• High EndDTV
•Set-top Box, XDSL Modem, Personal Video Recorders
•Server, Cloud-Computing, Storage
• Telecom & Networking, Small-cell Base Stations, Point-of-Load (POL)