• 4.2V-17V Input Voltage Range
• Up to 20W Power Transfer
• Integrated Full-Bridge Power Stage with 13-mΩ Rdson of Power MOSFETs
• Optimized for EMI Reduction
• Build-in 3.3V-200mA LDO
• Provide 2.5V Voltage Reference
• Integrated Lossless Input Current Sensor with ±2% accuracy for FOD current Demodulation
• 3.3V 5V PWM Signal Logic compatible
• Input Under-Voltage Lockout
• Over Current Protection
• Over Temperature Protection
• 3mm*4mm QFN-19L Package

The SCT63241 is a highly integrated Power Management IC allows achieving  high performance, high efficiency cost effectiveness of wireless power transmitter system compliant with WPC specification to support up to 20W power transfer, working with a wireless application specific controller or a general MCU based transmitter controller.
This device integrates a 4-MOSFETs full bridge power stage,gate drivers, a 3.3V LDO, a 2.5V accurate voltage reference input current sensor for both system efficiency easy-to-use.
The proprietary gate driving scheme optimizes the performance of EMI reduction to save the system cost design. The proprietary lossless current sensing circuitry with ±2% accuracy monitors input current of full bridge to support Foreign Object Detection FOD current demodulation. The build-in 3.3V low dropout regulator LDO can provide power supplies to transmitter controller external circuitries.
The SCT63241 features input Under-Voltage Lock-out UVLO, over current, short circuit protection, over temperature protection.
The SCT63241 is available in a compact 3mm*4mm QFN package.


• WPC Compliant Wireless Chargers of 5W to 15W Systems for Mobiles, Tablets Wearable Devices
• General Wireless Power Transmitters for Consumer, Industrial Medical Equipment
• Multi-coil Wireless Power Transmitters