• Wide Supply Voltage Range: 8V - 24V
• Drives Both High-side Low-side N-Channel MOSFET
• 4A Peak Source Current 4A Peak Sink Current
• Bootstrap Supply Voltage Range up to 120V
• Integrated Bootstrap Diode
• TTL Compatible Input, -10V Input Capability
• Propagation Delay Times: 45ns
• 7ns Rise 4.5ns Fall Time with 1000pF Load
• 2ns Delay Matching
• Quiescent Current 252uA
• 15ns Input Deglitching Time
• 40ns Minimum Pulse Width
• Supply Rail Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
• Operation from -40°C~150ºC
• Available in SOP-8L, ESOP-8L, DFN-9L 3mm x3mm DFN-8L 4mm x 4mm Package

The SCT52A40 is a wide supply, high frequency gate drivers including both high side low side drivers,which are used in half-bridge, full-bridge, buck converter to drive the discrete N-Type MOSFETs. 4A Peak Source Sink current capability increase the power converter power efficiency.The SCT52A40 features wide input hysteresis that is compatible for TTL low voltage logic. The SCT52A40 has the capability to hle negative input down to -10V, which increases the input noise immunity. The ability to withst maximum of -18V on HS pin largely extend the SCT52A40 application flexibility to hle the switching node noise.The 40ns minimum pulse width enables the SCT52A40 suitable for high frequency power converter application.The SCT52A40 is available in DFN-9L 3mm x 3mm,DFN-8L 4mm x 4mm, ESOP-8L SOP-8L package.


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• Solid-State Motor Drives
• Half-Bridge Full-Bridge Power Converter
• Two Switch Forward Power Converters
• Active-Clamp Forward Converters