• EMI Reduction with Switching Node Ringing-free
• 400kHz Switching Frequency
• Pulse Skipping Mode PSM with 25uA Quiescent Current in Light Load Condition
• 3.8V-28V Wide Input Voltage Range
• Up to 3A Continuous Output Load Current
• 0.8V ±1% Feedback Reference Voltage
• Fully Integrated 80mΩ (Rdson) High Side MOSFET 42mΩ (Rdson) Low Side MOSFET
• 1uA Shut-down Current
• 80ns Minimum On-time
• Precision Enable Threshold for Programmable UVLO Threshold Hysteresis
• 4ms Built-in Soft Start Time
• Output Over Voltage Protection
• Thermal Shutdown Protection at 160°C
• Available in TSOT23-6LPackage


The SCT2330C is 3A synonous buck converters with up to 28V wide input voltage range, which fully integrates an 80mΩ high-side MOSFET a 42mΩ low-side MOSFET to provide high efficiency step-down DC-DC conversion. The SCT2330C adopts peak
current mode control with the integrated compensation network, which makes SCT2330C easily to be used by minimizing the off-chip component count. The SCT2330C supports the Pulse Skipping Modulation(PSM) with typical 25uA Ultra-Low Quiescent.The SCT2330C is an Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) friendly buck converter with implementing
optimized design for EMI reduction. The converter has proprietary designed gate driver scheme to resist switching node ringing without sacrificing MOSFET turn-on turn-off time, which further erases high frequency radiation EMI noise caused by the MOSFETs hard switching.The SCT2330C offers output over-voltage protection,cycle-by-cycle peak current limit, thermal shutdown protection. The device is available in a lowprofile TSOT23-6 package.

• White Goods,Home Appliance
• Surveillance
• Audio,WiFi Speaker
• Printer,Charging Station
• DTV, STB,Monitor/LCD Display