• Synonous DCDC Buck Controller

    • 5.5V-65V Wide Input Range

    • 0.8V-65V Adjustable Output Voltage

    • 0.8V±1% Reference Voltage

    • 40ns Minimum tON for low duty ratio

    • 150ns Minimum tOFF for high duty ratio

• 100 KHz to 1.2 MHz Switching Frequency

    • Clock Synonization In/Out capability

    • Selectable Diode Emulation or FPWM

    • Frequency Spread Spectrum Modulation

•7.5-V Gate Drivers

    • 2.3-A Source 3.5-A Sink Current

    • Low-side Soft Start for prebiased Start-up

• Fast Line Load Transient Response

    • Voltage-mode control with line feedforward

    • High Gain Bwidth Error Amplifier

• Protection Features for Robustness

    • Adjustable Soft Start time

    • Hiccup-mode Overcurrent Protection

    • Input UVLO with hysteresis

    • VCC Gate-drive UVLO Protection

    • Precision Enable Input Threshold

    • Open-drain Power Good Indicator

    • Over Temperature Shutdown Protection

•External VCC Input for Bypassing Internal LDO

•Available in QFN-20L 3.5mmx4.5mm Package


The SCT82630 is a 65V voltage mode control synonous buck controller with line feed forward.40ns minimum on-time of controlled high side MOSFET supports high conversion ratio, enabling the direct stepdown conversion from a 48V input to low-voltage rail reducing system complexity solution cost. The device operates at nearly 100% duty cycle if needed during input voltage drops as low as 6V.The SCT82630 support Forced-PWM (FPWM) Diode Emulation Mode. FPWM operation eliminates switching frequency variation to minimize EMI, while user able diode emulation lowers current consumption at light-load condition. The adjustable switching frequency as high as 1.2MHz can be synonized to an external clock source to eliminate beat frequencies in noise sensitive applications.An external voltage or the output of the buck converter itself source can power internal VCC or EXTVCC helping to increase overall efficiency decrease internal self-heating from power dissipated in the internal VCC LDO even with 5V output voltage.The SCT82630 features additional features for flexible robust design including a configurable soft start, an open-drain power-good monitor for fault reporting output monitoring, monotonic start-up into pre-biased loads, integrated VCC bias supply regulator bootstrap diode, external power supply tracking,precision enable input with hysteresis for adjustableline under voltage lockout (UVLO), hiccup-mode overload protection, thermal shutdown protection with automatic recovery.The device is available in a low-profile package QFN-20L 3.5mmx4.5mm with enhanced thermal power pad.


• High Current Distributed Power Systems
• Telecom, Datacom
• Non-isolated PoE IP Camera
• Industrial Motor Control
• High Power Automotive DCDC