• Wide Input Voltage: 4.2V-17V

•  3A Continuous Output Current with Integrated 50mΩ /24mΩ FETs

• Wide Output Voltage Range:0.809V-7V

• Quiescent Current 220uA

• Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting

• Internal 3ms Soft-Start Limits the inrush current

•  Fixed 800kHz Switching Frequency

•  Input Under-Voltage Lockout

• Power save mode at light load

• Over-Temperature Protection

•  Available in a SOT563 Package

The SCT2230B is a fully integrated high efficiency synonous step-down DCDC converter capable of delivering 3A current. The devices operate over a wide input voltage range from 4.2V to 17V and fully integrate high-side power MOSFETs and synonous MOSFETs with very low Rdson to minimize the conduction loss.

With 800 kHz switching frequency, low output voltage ripple, small external inductor and capacitor size are achieved. SCT2230B adopts adaptive constant ON-time control architecture to achieve fast load transient responses for step-down applications.

The SCT2230B operates in power saving mode, which maintains high efficiency during light load operation.

It includes full protection features, such as over current protection, output under-voltage protection, input under-voltage lockout, and thermal shutdown.

The SCT2230B requires a minimal number of external components and is available in a space-saving SOT563 package


• Flat Panel Digital TV and Monitors
• Surveillance
• Set Top Boxes
• Networking Systems
• Consumer Electronics
• General Purpose