·  4.7V to 65V Operating Range
·  –65V Reverse voltage rating
·  Charge pump for external N-Channel MOSFET
·  20mV ANODE to CATHODE forward voltage drop regulation
·  12V Gate Drive Voltage
·  With Enable Input
·  Drive High Side External N-Channel MOSFET
·  1μA Shutdown current (EN=Low)
·  60μA Operating quiescent current (EN=High)
·  2.3-A Peak gate turnoff current
·  Fast reverse current turn-off within 0.75us
·  Meets automotive ISO7637 transient requirements with a suitable TVS Diode
·  Available in an TSOT23-6L Package


The SCT53600 is an ideal diode controller which paired with an external N-channel MOSFET as an ideal diode rectifier for low loss reverse polarity protection to replace a Schottky Diode. The SCT53600 operates over a wide supply voltage range of 4.7V to 65V. The device can withstand and protect the load against damaging from negative supply voltages down to –65 V and blocks reverse current flow helping to simplify the system designs for automotive ISO7637 protection.

The SCT53600 controller provides a ge pump gate drive for an external N-channel MOSFET. The device regulates the forward voltage drop across the external MOSFET to 20mV allowing smooth, ring-free operation with providing very fast turn-off(< 0.75 μs) of the MOSFET during a reverse event to minimize reverse current if power source fails or input micro-short conditions. The fast response to Reverse Current Blocking makes the device suitable for systems with output voltage holdup requirements during ISO7637 pulse testing.

The SCT53600 consumes only 1μA of current during shutdown mode with the enable pin low to extend battery life. The device is available in an SOT23-6 package.  


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