Intelligent cockpit

Intelligent cockpit

The intelligent cabin mainly covers the integration and innovation of cabin interior and cabin electronics.


What is a smart cockpit?

The smart cabin primarily encompasses the integration and innovation of cabin interior and cabin electronics fields, representing a new trend in the digitization and intelligence of the automotive industry. It has been constructed from the perspective of consumer demands and application scenarios to establish a new human-machine interaction system, aiming to enhance safety, comfort, and operability within the cabin.

Where is the intelligence of the smart cockpit?

As a close and frequent touchpoint between automobiles and consumers, the evolution of the smart cabin embodies the specificity of automobile intelligence. It enables a kind of intelligence for people, vehicles, and roads, allowing us to drive more safely and intelligently on the roads, and to do more in the vehicle space with ease and intelligence.

Challenges in Smart Cockpit Technology

The emergence of smart cockpit reflects people's aspiration for intelligent vehicles, emphasizing on-board perception systems and interaction modes. With the upgrading of in-vehicle perception systems and interaction modes, the demand and requirements for automotive-grade chips are also growing rapidly. Especially in the global 'chip shortage' environment, chips have become a top priority for smart vehicles.


The future of smart cockpits

Since the concept of smart cars emerged, everyone has been filled with anticipation for all things related to smart cars. Based on current development trends, we can boldly predict that in the future, in terms of car interaction, cars may become more proactive, rather than waiting for drivers to issue commands.

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