White goods

In recent years, with the development of technology, all kinds of household appliances have penetrated blended with each other, great changes have taken place in both function appearance. In terms of functions, such as network appliances refrigerators with LCD TVs, in addition to becoming more colorful in appearance, the national requirements for energy consumption level have also increased, which also makes the needs of various household appliances in low power consumption intelligent control increase day by day. In the future, power chips for white appliances will have excellent performance in small size, low power consumption ease of use.


The following figure shows the basic application structure of the internal power supply system of white appliances the corresponding solutions provided by Xinzhou Technology:

Core solution details

1. Ultra low power DCDC buck converter:
Performance acteristics:

Recommended products:
Sct232x 3.8v-32v input, 2a, low EMI, ultra-low power synonous buck DCDC converter

2. High performance high-speed MOSFET / IGBT Driver:
Performance acteristics:

Recommended products:
Sct51240 single channel 4A high speed MOSFET / IGBT gate drive
Sct52240 4.5v-24v VIN, 4a, high speed dual power MOSFET / IGBT Driver