Intelligent Lighting Control System

Intelligent Lighting Control System

The intelligent car lighting system is primarily composed of the headlight system, with the taillight system and interior ambient light system serving as supplementary components. The main direction of technological upgrades is digitization, utilizing electronic components and software algorithms to enable intelligent experiences. The intelligent vision headlight system can be classified into two main categories based on pixel density: ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam) and DLP (Digital Light Processing). The intelligent vision taillight system includes features such as through-type, digitization, and welcome functions.


The current mainstream for intelligent vision taillight systems and interior ambient light systems typically involves 2 to 3 LED chips connected in series, with multiple sets connected in parallel, controlled digitally to achieve the desired lighting effects. In these applications, as LED modules themselves generate heat, power management chips are required to have high conversion efficiency and good heat dissipation performance.

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